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This part of by website details my endevours with arcade hardware, which bits i've got and what I want. Please feel free to contact me if you've got any questions, or want to buy or sell anything you think I would be interested in!

Here is the link to my VAPS profile: VAPS Profile

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Let's Go Jungle Special

Big machines are always better, right? After getting Let's Go Jungle to work on my Lindbergh, I've set my sights on the Let's Go Jungle Special edition, which is a much larger theatre version of the original game with a moving seat and 2 screens. I've currently got access to the installation DVD and am waiting for the security chip. Once I've got these the plan is to modify the game, and adapt OpenJVS to pretend to be the moving chair etc. and allow the game to run!

14th December 2018

As a little update I've managed to get Let's Go Jungle Special to run without the security chip. The service menu for the game has lots of interesting features, and a large set of inputs and I will do a write up on the game at some point in the future.


I'm currently working on a project called OpenJVS. The project aims to emulate a JVS I/O board, so that you can play any arcade game with controllers plugged into a computer or Raspberry Pi. The project is going smoothly, and is in a good working state at the moment. In the future I aim to make it easier to use, and maybe produce a dedicated PCB board to make the software run more smoothly. The project can be visited here: OpenJVS.

Namco System 256 Emulator

After finding out that the bios rom from the System 256 ran on the PCSX2 emulator, I tried to see if I could get a game to boot. I made some progress, and started to modify the emulator to read the memory cards properly however stopped working on the project when other projects came into life. I've now passed on my information to someone else who is going to take on the project!

OptoGun PCB

After buying a Namco Recoil gun, I felt that there wasn't a PCB that would do cheep optical light gun (for use with a CRT monitor) detection for JVS. I aim to create a board which would easily link to a VGA monitor and allow the gun to be used for games on the Naomi, Chihiro and Lindbergh.